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Russell Motram - Facial pain clinic - TMJ Specialist MelbourneDr Russell

Russell provides expert treatment for jaw pain patients in Melbourne, Geelong and Bellarine region. He also manages the full range of ailments traditionally associated with Chiropractors. See

Russell especially works and lectures throughout Australia in the field of jaw (TMJ), and head (Craniofacial) pain.

His comprehensive approach draws on 37 years of experience working with simple and complex cases of Jaw, Head and Facial pain. Using a holistic mix of Chiropractic spinal therapy, manipulation of cranial articulations and myofascia, TMJ (jaw joint) physical therapy such as therapeutic laser, and targeted home instruction for posture, jaw exercises and clenching relaxation, Russell often works in conjunction with dentists that specifically treat craniofacial and jaw dysfunction.

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Some Reasons People Come To Us

  • TMJ disorder (TMD)
  • Clicking Jaws
  • Headache (tension, migraine and neck induced)
  • Facial Pain
  • Neck and Back Pain linked to cranial and jaw function
  • Sports Injuries resulting in jaw, head and facial pain
  • Sinus pain that is non-responsive to medical treatment
  • Jaw Arthritis management
  • Tooth Grinding and sleep disordered breathing
  • Daytime jaw clenching
  • Trigeminal neuralgia and other facial pain
  • Pre-orthodontic assessment in co-operation with Dentists
  • Pre-orthodontic treatment for orofacial muscle issues
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