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Expert Treatment of Jaw, Head, Facial Pain and Dysfunction

Gentle Jaw Mobilisation and Manipulation
Jaw Muscle Trigger Point Therapy
Ultrasound, Laser and Electrotherapy
Dry Needling
Gentle Cranial and Spinal Mobilisation
Exercise for Jaws and Brain Function

Holistic Examination Protocols

Choices regarding Treatment
Costs explained Upfront
Co-treatment with Dentists if needed

Yes we are OPEN. Chiropractic is classified an Essential Health Service. Parade Chiropractic and TMJCare Covid-19 Precautions are in place.

For 30 years Dr Russell Mottram at TMJ Care has been involved especially in the treatment of Head, Jaw and Facial pain and dysfunction. He receives many referrals from other Physical therapists, GPs. and Dentists for the management of such conditions.

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