Chiropractic and Brain Function

The last decade has seen an explosion in brain based research. Ways of assessing the body using a brain focused paradigm are gaining huge traction in all bodywork approaches including chiropractic. The effect of subtle brain imbalances on the body and the ability of physical therapy to affect positive changes in brain function are revolutionising the way that chiropractors are examining and treating their patients

Chronic pain and other health issues can sometimes be the result of complex interactions between the brain and the body. Examining your nervous system for subtle dysfunction and the application of brain targeted exercises and therapy, can sometimes be helpful as a part of the management of a wide range of health issues.

Chronic pain (sometimes called Central Sensitivity), where the amount of pain perceived by a patient appears out of proportion with the injury or dysfunction of the body, can be another manifestation of brain dysfunction. This understanding informs the way that Russell will examine and manage your condition.

Sometimes a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating with other health professionals such as medical practitioners, psychologists, etc., may be necessary.