Some Reasons People Come To Us…


TMJ disorder (TMD)

Temporo-mandibular joint disorder, pain and dysfunction in the jaw joints.


Clicking Jaws

Often due to Disc displacement in the joints.


tension, migraine and neck induced

One of the top reasons people seek Chiropractic care.


Facial Pain

Can be responsive to jaw and cranial therapy.


Neck and Back Pain

Linked to cranial and jaw function- Often a close relationship between Jaw and Neck or spinal dysfunction.


Sports Injuries

Resulting in jaw, head and facial pain- one of the traumatic causes of jaw and facial injury.


Sinus Pain
 that is non-responsive to medical treatment

-Not all face pain is sinus related. Sometimes due to dysfunction of facial sutural and muscular strain.


Jaw Arthritis Management

Not about cure but better management.


Tooth Grinding
and sleep disordered breathing

Often related to poor airway maintenance at night.


Daytime Jaw Clenching

Can relate to stress and nervous system imbalance (sympathetic dominance).


Trigeminal Neuralgia

Can be due to many causes. Sometimes related to cranial sutural, TMJ or brain based dysfunction.


Pre-orthodontic assessment
in co-operation with Dentists

Holistic dentists and Jaw pain specialists often work in conjunction with Chiropractors and manual therapists.


Pre-orthodontic treatment
for orofacial muscle issues

Sometimes orthodontic treatment is optimised by prior treatment of poor lip seal, poor tongue and jaw posture, mouth breathing and abnormal swallow patterns.

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